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Deleted Scenes!

These scenes are actual full scenes, not just sentences or paragraphs which were pulled out of the novel. They have been self edited and looked at by the good folks in my writing group, but have not been edited by my editors at 48Fourteen as they are not part of the novel.

However even though these are deleted scenes and not in the book: they are still part of the Other Systems Universe and copyrighted by me and first published on my blog. Please be cool and don't steal.

Parental Warnings: Other Systems is an adult novel. Some of these scenes have swearing and discuss adult themes such as what happens when humans dehumanize other humans.

Spoiler Warnings: Some of these scenes make it very clear about what is happening, so if you don't want any plot points revealed. please stop reading!


This is the scene that gave me the idea to show some of the deleted scenes. It is the argument between Harden and Helen. For those who have read the novel, you will see the first part of the scene and the medical exam have been rewritten from Abby’s point of view.

This is another two Harden scenes cut during the POV change. However for people who've read the novel will see that the first part of the scene is a repetive of Abby's point of view scene in the bakery. There was only a few important thoughts which easily worked in Cole's point of view on the Discovery. It also slows down a section that is a fairly slow section.

I cut this scene because it is what is known as a “little darling.” Meaning it really doesn’t add anything to the narrative: it is about the making and consumption of pancakes. Ultimately when this scene was cut, I wrote the “beach scene” in order to have some of the same ideas later in the book when it was more appropriate.

"Missing" Scene

This is a scene that was written for me and hinted at in the novel. Harden's divorce and Mark's ultimatium. Though this scene was not in the original novel (and was never going to be) I want to share it which is why it is here. This was in Harden's character file. My favorite part is Harden thinks that his fleet shares (which are extremely valuable) would make people want to be with him. Notice he tries to give them away twice. I admit the scene is not completely edited to perfection. It was in my author notes after all. Enjoy!

This scene from Chapter 4 was cut for timing though I really liked the addition.
Ellie and Peter have an arguement and Mr. Johnson's neighbor explaining the facts of life to Ellie. Cut for pacing and to close a plot hole.
This scene was removed for timing after the rewrite. It first hints at Grace's cancer and Ian's sorrow over Kipos and his wish to do something else before working at his father's clinic, but honestly all those things are told different ways in other places in the book.
This scene was deleted for timing and creep factor.
This scene was deleted for pacing and her character arc. It is showing a mother's love and while the reader knows Ivonne loves her sons and younger sister, it doesn't really add anything. SPOILER ALERT: IN THE LAST HALF OF BOOK, IT SHOWS THE FUTURE OF A FEW CHARACTERS!

This scene was removed for timing, character arcs, and redundancy which is a problem whenever you have a novel that spans years rather than a few days. SPOILER ALERT: THIS SCENE HINTS AT AN IMPORTANT PLOT POINT!

This was the hardest scene for me to delete, but it is redundant after the rewrite. SPOILER ALERT: THIS WAS ORIGINALLY THE 4TH TO LAST SCENE!!!!