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HD 75298 (also classified as HR 3497 AB) is 94.4 light years from Sol on the northwest edge of the constellation Vela.

Star A (Ilios) is a yellow orange main sequence star of spectral and luminosity type G0 V with 1.05 times the mass of Sol.

Star B (Kokadelfi) is a red dwarf companion.

Planet Ab (Gabrie)has a rocky iron core with an average temperature 364 C. Discovered in 2484 along side Kipos

Planet Ac (Kipos) is an Earth twin. Generally cooler than Earth with three large continents, though its landmass is larger. Three moons all with regular orbits.

Originally designated Planet Ab, Planet Ae (Ounzio) was discovered from Earth in 1999 by astronomers who thought it was the only planet in the system for centuries until advancements in interstellar travel and optics made it possible to view the others. The gas giant slightly less than half the size of Jupiter has16 moons and 22 rings.

Planet Bb (Lathos) though once thought to be capable of supporting intelligent life, but without terraforming his ecosystem is too delicate for human level activities. As there are advanced organisms on the planet it a wildlife refuge and hunting ground.

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